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  (The Vince Grillo Difference):

I set up an initial  meeting either in-person or over the phone to get to know you, to understand your housing needs and requirements, to answer all of the questions that you have, and to set fourth a plan of action to Exceed Your Expectations in meeting your needs and requirements.
I search our computer files (MultiList - MLS) for homes meeting your needs.
I will inform you via e-mail and/or via phone if requested, as soon as, and in some cases, even before, a home that meets your requested specifications becomes available for sale.
I network with other Realtors in the area to  maximize the availability of houses to you.
I schedule visits and arrange private tours to homes that are of interest to you.
I perform market analyses of active, pending and recent sold properties in the area.
I discuss the results of the market analysis with you in preparation for writing an offer to purchase a home.
I  prepare and write all contacts on homes you offer to purchase, and review with you, all counter-offers which may result.
I will assist you in all aspects of financing and obtaining a mortgage.
I specialize in, and handle all aspects of contract negotiation on your behalf.
I will stay on top of, and work through all contract contingencies, and represent you every step of the way, through settlement, and beyond.
I am available to you 7 days a week, 24 house a day!  I always carry a mobile phone, which gives you direct access when you need to speak to me right away.  If I cannot answer your call directly, I promise to return your phone calls and emails usually within a couple of hours, but ALWAYS within the same day.

I will Represent You in all steps of the buying process.  Please Read On.......

Buyer Representation:

What is Buyer Representation and how did it come about?

A recent federal Trade Commission study found that over 72% of all homebuyers nationwide mistakenly believed they were being represented by the agent who was showing them homes. As an outcome of this study, Real Estate License Law officials from all 50 states recognized the need for public awareness of buyer representation. Consequently, disclosure laws requiring agent to specifically disclose exactly who they are representing are being passed all over the country. In 1989, The National Association of Realtors for the first time began requiring all Realtors to advise buyers and sellers who they represent in each transaction.

Isn't the Agent who shows me homes representing me?

Don't count on it! Unless you have a written Agency Agreement, the Law of Agency, as defined by federal and state courts, specifies the contractual relationships that are formed when property is bought and sold. Agents listing property enter into a signed contract with the seller to represent them in the sale of their property. The same contract permits the listing agent to use "sub-agents" to help secure a sale. Unless you have a written Agency Agreement with a real estate agent promising to represent YOUR best interests, the agent showing you homes should be considered a sub-agent working with the listing agent to obtain the best terms for the seller.
Does a Buyer's Agent have access to all resources like the Multiple Listings Service?

Absolutely yes, and more. Patterson-Schwartz is a member of the New Castle County Board of Realtors and Trend MLS, This allows me to show you any and all homes listed within the MLS. In addition, since I represent you, and not the seller, I will also show you homes that are "For Sale By Owner" and "For Sale by Builder", as well as homes that may not be on the market such as "expired" listings and "withdrawn" listings.
Exactly how is this legal relationship established?

Just as a seller establishes a legal relationship by signing a listing agreement with their agent, you establish a legal relationship by signing a buyer’s agreement. This agreement makes the Buyer’s Agent legally accountable to you and not the seller.
How much will it cost to retain the services of a Realtor to represent me?

Nothing. There is no additional cost for a Buyer’s Agent services when one helps you buy a home. The compensation comes from the proceeds of the transaction, unless you choose otherwise.
How does the Buyer's Agent get paid for their services?

There are several ways for the agent representing you to get paid. It is always your choice. The most common way is exactly the same way other real estate agents are paid: the typical commission paid at closing is divided between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. The only difference is that my portion of the commission is paid on the buyer's behalf from the seller's net proceeds.
Does the legal representation that goes with a contractual relationship really matter?

Absolutely. If you had to go into court, would you use the same attorney the opposing side was using? Responsibility and accountability to a client are two legal requirements of representation. By law, traditional selling agents must negotiate in the best interest of the client, not withhold information from them, and represent their property in a favorable manner. In the absence of a Buyer Agency Agreement, a traditional real estate agent views buyers as customers, not clients.
My Agent agrees He/She "technically" represents the Seller, but says she will be fair and "take care of me". Isn't that all I need?

Of course agents try to be fair and are sure nice to the buyer since they want to make a sale. But because they are bound by the Law of Agency, and their Code of Ethics, they can only do so much without jeopardizing their license to practice. For instance, a traditional agency cannot tell you how much they feel a certain piece of property is worth, or how to negotiate the best purchase price. In this case, "technically" means legally, and if the seller has representation, shouldn't you? A Buyer’s Agent negotiates in the best interest of the buyer.

Sub-Agent/Buyer Agent Comparison


  • Provide general information about properties for sale.
  • Show properties and describe attributes and amenities.
  • Submit offers to purchase promptly.
  • Respond accurately and honestly to questions.
  • Disclose facts known about the property.
  • Offer property without regard to race, creed, sex, religion and national origin.

    Vince Grillo as your Buyer's Agent:
  • Everything listed above…PLUS
  • Perform a loan analysis to help you determine your most favorable financing options
  • Search available properties, including "For Sale By Owner’, "For Sale By Builder", Expired and Withdrawn listings.
  • Show properties and point out strengths and weaknesses, including defects, floor plan, location and other characteristics that may effect a property’s value and potential resale.
  • Perform a Comparative Market Analysis of the street, neighborhood or are to help determine the value of the chosen properties.
  • Prepare a study of property values in chosen areas.
  • Advise you, as my client, regarding making and submitting offers on a property.
  • Prepare the offer with you and explain all of the terms,  contingencies, options and ramifications. 
  • Personally deliver and present  your offer to the listing agent.
  • Negotiate and use my trained skills to obtain the most favorable terms and price for you!  I am a strong, results-oriented negotiator with many years of training and experience who will negotiate on your behalf with the sellers and/or their agent up through the completion of settlement.
  • Assist in choice of closing attorney and/or title company.
  • Arrange for all necessary property inspections.
  • Negotiate for maximum repairs, if necessary.
  • Conduct final walkthrough inspection with you.
  • Review closing documents for accuracy prior to settlement.
  • Represent you at settlement.
  • Follow-up and keep in touch with you after settlement.

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