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Types Of Turbulence We Could Run Into:

bullet Selling your home is like taking an airline flight across country. When you start on your trip you have no idea how the trip will go. Neither does the pilot! You could run into many different types of turbulence, or you could have a smooth flight and land on time. Certainly the pilots will try to use their experience to navigate around the storms and go for the smoothest flight plan, but if theyíre honest, they canít promise a turbulent-free trip. Their job is simply to get you to your destination in the least time and with the least aggravation, while keeping you informed throughout the trip.
bullet Attached is a somewhat humorous list of the many different types of turbulence we might run into. This list is not all-encompassing, but it catches most of the common issues. While some of the items are "picky" to some, they are very real and fearful to others. Please take a minute to review the list. As your Real Estate Consultant, I see myself as the pilot of your plane. My job is to assist you in getting your home sold for the most money, in the least amount of time, with the fewest aggravations. I canít promise you no turbulence, but I can promise you that Iíll utilize my experience and expertise to take you on the smoothest flight that I can. If we do hit turbulence, I wonít bail out on you. Iíll be your teammate throughout the flight until we get you safely to your destination. Rest assured your advocacy is my number one goal, and that means you must be delighted with the product we provide and deliver beyond your expectations during the process. As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please donít hesitate to call me.

The Lender:

bullet Lender does not properly pre-qualify the borrower.
bullet Lender decides last minute they donít like the borrower.
bullet Lender decides they donít like the property.
bullet Lender wants property repaired prior to closing.
bullet The market raises rates, points, or costs.
bullet Borrower does not qualify because of a late addition of information.
bullet Lender requires at last minute, a second appraisal.
bullet The borrower does not like the fine print in the loan documents that are received 3 days before the scheduled closing.
bullet Lender loses a form or misplaces the entire file.
bullet The lender does not simultaneously ask for all needed information from the buyer, they ask for information in bits and pieces.
bullet Lender pulls a "bait & switch" on the buyer.
bullet Lender does not have the money, so makes up some excuse for rejecting the buyer or delaying the transaction.

The Buyer:

bullet Did not tell the truth on the loan application.
bullet Did not tell the truth to their agent.
bullet Submits incorrect tax returns to lender.
bullet Lacks motivation.
bullet Source of down payment changes.
bullet Family members or friends do not like the house buyer chose.
bullet Is too picky regarding condition of house.
bullet Finds another property that is a better deal.
bullet They are "nibblers" (always negotiating) and angers seller/lender/agents.
bullet The buyers bring an attorney into the picture.
bullet They do not execute the paperwork in a timely manner.
bullet They do not bring their money to escrow via a cashiers check.
bullet Job change, illness, divorce, or other financial setback.
bullet Comes up short on money they stated they always had.

The Attorney or Escrow/Title Company:

bullet Fails to notify agents of unsigned or unreturned documents so that the agents can cure the problems.
bullet Fails to obtain information from beneficiaries, lien holders, title companies, insurance companies, or lenders in a timely manner.
bullet Lets principals leave town without getting all necessary signatures.
bullet Incorrect at interpreting or assuming aspects of the transaction and then passing these items on to all parties such as lenders, buyers, and sellers.
bullet Loses paperwork.
bullet Incorrectly prepares paperwork.
bullet Does not pass on valuable information fast enough.
bullet Does not coordinate well so that many items can be done simultaneously.
bullet Does not bend the rules on small problems.
bullet Does not find liens or any title problems until last minute.
bullet Incorrect figures and/or calculations on the settlement (HUD-1) sheet.

The Seller:


bullet Loses motivation (i.e. job transfer did not go through, etc.)
bullet Illness, divorce, etc.
bullet Has hidden or unknown defects that are subsequently discovered.
bullet Home inspection reveals average amount of small defects that the seller is unwilling to repair.
bullet Removes property from the premises that the buyer believed was included.
bullet Is unable to clear up problems or liens.
bullet Last minute solvable liens are discovered.
bullet Seller did not own 100% of property as previously disclosed.
bullet Seller thought getting partnerís signatures were "no problem" but they were!
bullet Seller leaves town without giving anyone Power of Attorney.
bullet The notary didnít make a clear stamp when notarizing the sellerís signature.
bullet Seller delays the projected move-out date.

The Appraiser:


bullet The appraiser is not local and misunderstands the market.
bullet No comparable sales available.
bullet Appraiser delays (too busy, etc.)
bullet Makes important mistakes on appraisal or brings in value is too low.

The Inspection/Termite Company:

bullet Too picky with conditions and "scares" the buyer.
bullet Infuriates seller.
bullet Makes mistakes.
bullet Delays report.

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